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342 STATE ROAD IN VINEYARD HAVEN, (508) 687-9641

We know cheese!

At The Larder, we know cheese! We offer an excellent selection of artisan cheese from exceptional small-batch producers. Each cheese is thoughtfully sourced to ensure the highest quality and variety possible.

We love to help you select the perfect cheese, and can recommend the best pairings, like some of our house-made jams and dips, charcuterie, and other outstanding accompaniments. The Larder can also prepare ready-to-serve Cheese & Charcuterie- /Grazing Boards for your next gathering. 

Effortless & Elegant

Our ready-to-serve cheese-, charcuterie-, and grazing boards are elegantly and incredibly delicious. Each board is tailored to your request. 

‹ Take Away ›

Check out our select, rotating deli menu of lunch items, utilizing locally-sourced and in-season ingredients.

‹ Heat & Eat ›

Our seasonal, farm-to-table-focused meals, are prepared in-house and are fully cooked. Simply heat up and enjoy! 

The 'minimal food waste philosophy' is at the heart of all that we do. Our TAKE AWAY and HEAT & EAT meals are made in-house, from scratch, appreciating the bounty of the land and animals - from root-to-stalk and nose-to-tail - using only thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

Locally grown ingredients from our farms in West Tisbury

TakeAway /

Heat & Eat



Grazing Boards & Catering 

Farm to Table

Fresh, locally grown food, produced in a sustainable and healthy way to preserve and support small farms and a healthy environment.

Nose to Tail

Our butcher uses the whole animal, utilizing all its nutrition, respecting the animals, our farmers, and our environment.

Provisions & Pantry

House-made provisions and pantry items, embracing the nose-to-tail / farm-to-table philosophy, using ingredients from our farms in West Tisbury.

House-made Eats

A select menu of house-made 'Take Away' and 'Heat & Eat' meals, using farm-fresh ingredients from Whippoorwill Farm & North Tisbury Farm.

‹ Market & Provisions ›

We believe that delicious food comes with a clean conscience.

What we put on our plate daily, impacts our health, environment, and local economy. Small changes - like eating locally grown food, and minimizing food waste - can make a considerable difference! Eating from field to plate greatly reduces CO2 emissions in food transportation across the country. In addition to supporting your local economy, you can feel good knowing that your foods are harvested at peak freshness and therefore are more nutritious and better-tasting!


Important: Please allow at least a 48-hour turnaround for small orders and up to a week for larger grazing boards. Ordering can be done in person at our shop, by email, or by phone at (508) 687-9641. For events, please see our small event catering options. 

‹ Cheese & Charcuterie ›

Let The Larder create the perfect board for your next gathering. We will create a unique cheese & charcuterie board for you, featuring artisanal cheeses, and charcuterie, supplemented with options like nuts, fruits, bread and crackers, spreads, and more.

‹ Grazing Board & Mezze ›

We start our grazing and mezze boards with artisanal cheese and charcuterie and complement this with a variety of vibrant colors of local produce, fruit, nuts, bread/ pita, crackers, figs, and olives, crudités, and more. 



From our farm to your table.

From dinner parties to sunset cocktail parties and to small weddings, our chefs will provide a custom farm-to-table menu or grazing table for your next event using fresh, local ingredients from our own farms in West Tisbury. We work with you to provide a curated experience, from our farm to your table.

The Larder can help you create a beautiful and memorable gathering. For inquiries, call us at (508) 687-9641, or email

‹ Small Event Catering ›

Neighborhood Butcher

From our seasonally flavored house-made sausages to our house-cured bacon and large selection of charcuterie, The Larder is your one-stop local butcher shop!

Passion for Meat

We want our customers to share our passion for meat! We take the time to tell you where your meat comes from and love to share suggestions on how to best prepare it.

Our Philosophy

We only source premium-quality meat. Our skilled craftsmen focus on finding complete value in the whole animal, nose to tail, with total respect, skill, and precision.

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